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2pcs/lot BF-888S baofeng walkie talkie 888s UHF 400-470MHz 16Channel Portable two way radio with earpiece bf888s transceiver

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D***v 29-09-2019

I ordered 14 pieces all arrived and surprisingly very quickly!) i did not check everything yet but that i watched everything work!) Seller recommend!!! Order to gagauzia in the city of chadyr-lunga has arrived a little more than two weeks! This is very cool) very satisfied!!

i***z 11-12-2019

Hello friends türkiyeden alıcak friends good because the mistake to let this chance work gümrükteki man how bilgiliyse okadar increases your chances of this product from the front of the banned sanedir this product license-free telsizdir this transceiver amateur radio certificate gerektirmez but some friends gerektiridğini they say so open up and see the regulation nobody The unmistakable verigi event is also luck job 22 tl tax came out seller well so peh was interested like that but after receiving the message shot product answered bidet we ate the whim anyway it attracts 3.5/7 km in the open area go heee bide 11.11 got a super fast ptt again I got 5 days waiting very cheap there are 2 salesmen selling this radio (these are the best sellers) other seller has written an expensive gif on our catalog that has not arrived ukim went through the insides now I will buy uv-5r of it let's see what our adventure in it is: D: D: D: D

A***v 11-09-2019

Finally waited for the radio, after 1.5 months came, were not tracked (but came not to the post office, but delivered by courier service) were packed just in the pupyrku. Small size, comfortable, simple, understandable to use, 16 channels, volume control, flashlight. Checked for range: 2 km in the forest, it is audible well. For undemanding and if you do not need long distances can be taken.

AliExpress Shopper 09-11-2019

I got it in 16 days. Like everything says. I talked to his salesman before. The bathroom accessory is written and 23 tl customs tax cikti. I highly recommend alisveris.

AliExpress Shopper 02-10-2019

Item received very fast in record time very satisfied yet to be tested thanks to the seller item tracked via 17 track app everything is in order defenetly will order more

B***z 03-12-2019

OKAY, SO BEFORE YOU BUY IT REMEMBER THAT THIS DEVICE HAVE TO BE MANUALLY PROGRAMMED USING COMPUTER AND SPECIAL CABLE THAT HAVE TO BE BOUGHT SEPARATELY. Using it without reprogramming is ILLEGAL in almost ANY COUNTRY IN THE WORLD, for sure in every country in Europe. Default programmed frequencies are used by emergency services. The only legal frequency that can be used by this walkie talkie is PMR. IF YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT IS IT OR HOW TO PROGRAM IT DON'T BUY IT. The device is great and works very well after reprogramming. It have 3 buttons - transmit, monitor and turning on/off flashlight and 2 knob controls - for volume and channel. Supports only 16 channels. After changing the channel number is said. Turning the device on is indecated with voice as well. Supports codes CTCSS but each frequency + code occupies one channel.

V***h 09-12-2019

It came from sdecom. Ordered 11.11 came 08.12. Thank you to the seller, did not fail, asked to send before December 20))) the only thing that is for a gift, and packaging .. Look at it, it's torn from all sides. But everything is included, checked, works. The flashlight shines, came already charged. Prosperity to the seller!)

l***i 27-12-2019

Packaging damaged can pack more good

AliExpress Shopper 10-01-2020

The parcel arrived in 40 days. She left Moscow for 2 weeks. I mean, I'm linking it to the holidays, but it's still tin. Not in vain in the network sdek scold. By the way, sdek brought not home, as they write in comments, but only to the central point of self-delivery in Minsk (on the street. Central :) and sent a text. Quality meets the price. Checked in urban conditions. One station in the apartment, the other in the car, a dense building. Up to 500 meters was quite clean, then with interference. Before 1 km there was still a difference in speech. Worthy, I believe. = = = = Received in 40 days. Was delivered via Moscow with cdek. Cdek's service is awesome. The way from Moscow took 14 days. This is more likely related to the holidays but still. The quality fits the price. Tested in the city's environment. The communication between a flat and a car was clear on 500m of distance. Speech can still be recognized until 1000 m.

A***v 04-09-2019

Ordered a BF-888S. It came in a slightly wrinkled box, but inside the whole and damage there is something difficult. Walkie-talkies of small size, comfortable, in the photo seem much more. Came full set, with headsets. Checked in the conditions of the city. In line of sight you have 1 to 2 km. In the conditions of houses-500 m. Audibility is excellent. 15 channels. Found only one minus-the interlocutor begins to hear you only 2-3 seconds after you pressed the transmission button. That is, opening the radio 2-3 seconds. Otherwise there are no problems. In the forest i think 5 km will easily squeeze, and on the christmas tree all 10! The battery did not check. I recommend for professional use to take 8-10 watts at the output. For the forest, fishing, children-the very thing. I recommend.

V***n 04-09-2019

Work clearly and quickly! Delivered to armenia in less than 20 days. In close distance the sound is very clean and clear. I'll try and add feedback later. I recommend!

O***v 09-09-2019

S***v 21-09-2019

The order came to belarus for a month with a small one. The radios are loaded. In the kit, in addition to two radios, came two bases for charging, two straps, two belt clips and a pair of headsets. Purchase and seller is satisfied. The parcel only received, therefore for a range has not yet tried, but in the conditions of the apartment work without interference. After departure for fishing or in the forest, i will add a review.

G***m 26-12-2019

Fast shipping, reliable seller. Thank you.

M***j 14-01-2020

For this time product looks good, function is good. I had a small problem with earn phone, but I repair it quickly.

B***a 31-12-2019

Came around, but was not so well packed leaving slightly damaged packaging. Still the product arrived without defect.

L***n 06-11-2019

the goods arrived fairly quickly, well packed and without damage. I tried both walkie talkies and everything works perfectly. I recommend the seller.

V***o 12-11-2019

Radio came very quickly!!!! This speed I did not expect! Everything came in order and full safety! Huge gratitude to the seller! When I check the range of work, I will add a tip!

R***r 19-09-2019

Everything is fine, work without any firmware,

a***a 31-12-2019

Thanks to the seller for fast delivery, item received in good condition, no defect or whatsoever. Seller recommended, I'll order more for the team.