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3-in-1 Wide Angle Macro Fisheye Lens Camera Kits Mobile Phone Fish Eye Lenses with Clip 0.67x for iPhone Samsung All Cell Phones

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K***a 21-11-2019

Ordered 10.09, threw in the mailbox 20.11. Includes three lenses: fish eye, macro and widescreen. In the package, the fish eye goes separately, and the macro and Panorama are connected. Packed was clearly not for Russian Post) lenses, pouch and clothespin came in a box from the manufacturer, which the seller put in a standard package for the parcel. Regarding shooting, with the lens "fish eye" are quite funny convex videos. I did not appreciate the photo with this lens. What do you not say about macro. The lens is beautiful, removes what you need. Still better camera :) the quality of the goods is excellent, with the seller did not communicate, the delivery time is standard, I think. In general, for amateur shooting very much even recommend. And thanks to the seller!

D***v 19-11-2019

Well, the seller sent quickly, it came somewhere in 50 days, everything is there. What on the lenses. The fish eye is made not bad but on the lens itself there are some cracks, but on the lens does not seem to affect. The wide format is made less, from the pictures and did not understand that there is a wide format, so if you change the pixels and the resolution of the camera, then the fish eye goes as a wide format. Macro lens liked, everything is clear, but it is also slightly damaged, although it does not affect the work.

I***n 13-10-2019

P***a 21-11-2019

Very cool thing. I ordered it for fun, but now I will take a photo on Marco make-up and so on. Thanks to the Russian Post, the packaging was slightly wrinkled, but all the lenses work fine, despite the fact that there are small chips (on the quality of the photo they do not affect) some write that the wide-angle does not make sense, but it expands the photo quite well, later I will add a review, most likely. Seller recommend!

g***r 11-09-2019

In general, a good product. Lenses quality in an aluminum case (given the price), which pleasantly surprised. Without defects. In the kit the truth go only 2 lenses (2in1-but not 3in1) i think, for such a price more than not bad. Macro lens increases slightly more than a regular built-in electronic lens (and this is a plus), because. Sometimes your own built-in macro is not enough. The lens "fish eye"-no practical purpose does not carry, rather just for entertainment and creating an interesting effect (so to say, "play"), i think the children are the most. Overall satisfied with the order and i think these lenses deserve 4,5 points out of 5. Minus half the score due to the lack of a third lens, which the supplier promises in the description of the goods (but again i repeat, given the price, this minus is very small for me).

K***a 19-12-2019

Delivery more than a month, sent long! First upset, since it came 2 lenses that are completely useless, but then accidentally twisted and it turned out that in one twisted 2 pieces, so that in the kit 3 pieces as indicated by the seller, those who write a review that they are smaller, then just not all the details have been dismantled, As a gift small storage bag, thank you! Used only macro, I liked it, the photos are clear, but for this you need to bring the camera almost back to the object that you take pictures. The snare tightly pressed to the camera. Thank you to the seller. I recommend the product, especially for such a price.)

O***o 02-01-2020

I ordered for macro lenses. The glass is a little scratched, the feeling that the lens has already been used (((((, the other two lenses shine like new ones. To make a macro you almost need to close the phone to the object. Focuses more in the center, to the edges blurred. Photo For 7 iPhone: the element of the card in matte printing, the skin of the hand, the leg, the eye.

e***a 12-01-2020

4 stars is what came 2 lenses instead of three. All of them were poorly packed but came whole. Quality, each cap cover is rubber. Photo To be honest is not very, not as I wanted.

P***V 03-10-2019

In the curve of the horn for 28 days on ukrpost, the quality is good, the plastic is excellent (high-quality casting) about the photo i can not say anything to you because for the first time i order this, but an interesting photo turns out. packed in a normal package of pouches (could break when sending) the producer pulled a little when sending!

S***o 02-12-2019

I ordered it 08/10 and it came to me today 02/12 two months later, they had to extend the reception time, but well at the end I arrive, the box was bolted but did not affect the product, I asked because on a trip and I could make nice pictures with the fish eye, And macro but it couldn't be but well, at least I'm late but I'm here, when you try, I'll leave additional comment.

N***o 11-10-2019

Everything came in excellent condition. Send for a long time, but the speed of delivery surprised me, i did not even think that i would get this miracle so quickly. I did not quite understand at first how everything works and why 2 lenses came, and it turns out that they just unscrew... All 3 lens in excellent condition! There are no scratches, chips or something like that, which is very pleasing, there is also a bag in the kit, which is very convenient to fold lenses and clothespin to them. The product was satisfied, thanks to the seller.

s***s 27-11-2019

Got the whole set. Ordered because of macro lenses. She's a gun. The last photo for comparison without macro lenses, maximum macro capabilities of the phone. Tested the lens on oneplus5, draw conclusions, use a clothespin on a double camera can be. Who does not get a photo with a macro lens, then this is not a bad lens, but curves shaking hands or a camera shit.

p***a 08-11-2019

Keep in mind one lens twisted with another! Comes two pieces, a fishy and a second strange one that needs to be unscrewed on two pieces. The coolest macro lens-this effect is not achieved by a standard camera. Fishy funny. But I have the latest Samsung, it has a built-in camera with a similar effect. The third lens is not clear for what. My phone couldn't focus with it. Probably ruined. In fact, a really cool effect only in macro

K***a 12-12-2019

I ordered 11.11. In the Vladimir region passed a month, took 10.12 From The Post Office. The lens is just super, for 73R it's awesome, my phone could not so, I apply a photo where without a lens and with a lens, it's just a miracle, I recommend! And yes, at first I thought it came two lenses, and then it turned out that there is one to another attached, it is necessary to unscrew one lens from macro and there will be three) for the sake of macro lenses I recommend this product!

A***a 28-08-2019

Ordered july 1, took the order on august 28. Very long shipping, track number was not tracked that saddens. The goods are intact. I ordered because of marcolins. She takes pictures well. The fish eye i was in general not needed, but the average size is not clear why. It is screwed only to the camera and does not increase anything. Photo without it just on the phone even better.

I***a 02-10-2019

))) The thing is cool))) Very satisfied! Includes three lenses. Please note that when you receive the parcel, two of them are screwed together!! Just the macro-object is the smallest. He actually left it. Two others without need (make photo round with dark edges) For an example of a sfotal bead 12mm first from a distant without an object. And close to the lens. Without it, you just do not do this photo-the camera does not focus. And with him beauty))) I will use for photos of small details of my handicraft works))) Rode a little longer than a month

A***a 12-12-2019

The product fully corresponds to the description. Delivery is pretty fast. The box was slightly wrinkled (packed in a normal package), the contents were not affected. Includes 3 lenses (two of which are screwed to each other), clothespin, two protective covers and a storage bag. Macro lens shoots cool, but you need to take pictures of the object almost closely, otherwise it does not focus well. A large lens makes unusual pictures with a window effect. Another lens like should create glare, but so far not very friends with him. In general, the purchase is satisfied. A good set for a very low price!

R***n 16-12-2019

Linz got it. Description of the goods corresponds. The price is very small, the quality is at the price. The goods came in a box, without any pimples. The box is wrinkled, but the lenses are whole, without damage. In optics there are some defects, but in the photo they do not climb out. I 've been thinking about buying for a long time and now my hands have reached. I bought primarily because of macro lenses. The wide angle is about as on the camera goes out. In general, for such a price, I am very pleased.

T***a 13-10-2019

The order was made 06.09, received in the mail 24.09. Pretty fast, considering that the track was not tracked at all. One lens came with a scratch from the inside. The clothespin itself is cracked, because of this, the lens does not hold and scroll, it is impossible to use, it is a pity. Opened a dispute, the seller immediately confirmed the return of money, for which he thank you very much, so i will not reduce the star. I bought for 78,30 rubles.

V***h 23-10-2019

I ordered for macro lenses. And very upset when I opened the package, and there are two lenses .. without macro, as I thought .. Dipped a little, then decided to check how it works and realized that the macro lens is twisted together with 0.67, the second, by the way it does not twist separately, so it works only in the set with macro. I can figure this out later. Fish Eye is also a good lens. ⚠Please note that two lenses are connected during transportation, so as not to be upset that came two instead of three.