אלי אקספרס - Dual Band 2400Mbps Wireless PCI-E Wifi Adapter For Desktop PC With Intel Wi...

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Dual Band 2400Mbps Wireless PCI-E Wifi Adapter For Desktop PC With Intel Wi-Fi 6 AX200 Bluetooth 5.0 802.11ax/ac 2.4G/5G Card

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AliExpress Shopper 13-01-2020

WiFi adapter came after 2 months. At first I had trouble getting WiFi to work, while Bluetooth worked fine and then thanks to the help of the seller I got everything to work as it should, by placing the adapter in another slot in my motherboard. So far works fine.

A***o 13-11-2019

excellent adapter, fast shipping , work well with windows 10 x64

P***u 18-12-2019

The seller shipped the product extremely fast ( within hours of the order being placed ) The product came today very good packed and all according to the description. the product itself works extremely well with the official ax200 Intel drivers installed. my PC is x570 chipset Asus tuf gaming plus motherboard and Ryzen 5 3600 . Everything works very well speeds tops my router capabilities ( upload and download 450mbps for and Archer c7 v5 with 1000mbit internet connection subscription, on the Ethernet I have 980mbps speed ) Bluetooth is also solid . I really recommend the seller to anyone and wish him all the best !

s***g 02-01-2020

was a minor faulty by product packaging issue, but i've solved by myself. products are all clean and proper packaging one by one elaborately but antena conduct parts is little insufficiency with just covered by yellow cap side. cause Yellow caps only protect outside scratch, not the protect inner side bent from impact during shipping. when that conduct part crushed a little, can't connect antena cable, so small to fix or bend over again as normal for usual consumers is kind a impossible.. so i would suggest fenvi to pacakaging those conduct part by little cardboard once more. (or could be mine is just faulty from first who knows?) once more, if the MotherBoard's height is little lower then other pc case, have to little cut a lower side of card bracket metal like i did. but it's not much usual case. anyway seems all the transrecieve is clear and very satisfied. thx to fenvi for extreme fast shipments.

S***v 25-09-2019

The parcel reached mo in 8 days. Works in asus prime

L***d 26-11-2019


A***o 01-09-2019

The card is completely working, in the package lay a small screw-as it turned out untwisted from the radiator (the radiator is fixed on 4x screws), when trying to twist it turned out that the thread of the fastening is latitude and another screw dangles too, not cunning samples-picked up others from something long ago disassembled))) on blutus hanged and work wonderfully dualshoki 4, Projection on the wireless screen started only after installing more new than from the update center, drivers from the site.

A***v 25-11-2019

Delivery fast, the whole package is damaged. Set will add a.

J***m 06-12-2019

true ax200. so I can change to killer ax1650x driver and also I can use killer lan software utility. my internet line is not giga internet. just 100mbps internet. this lan card’s download and upload speed is almost same with intel and realtek gigabit wired cable lan card. (my internet cable is elecom’s cat.6 lan cable for gigabit internet) but look at the ping! this cordless wifi lan card’s ping is better then realtek wired gigabit cable lan card in 100mbps internet. I don’t know it can show same result in gigabit internet. (but inter wired gigabit cable lancard’s ping is better than this lan card) And when I was testing, I saw higher ping of this lan card is 6ms. but when I was testing with realtek wired gigabit cable lan card, It showed over 10ms. so, if you are gaming user something like fps and also your motherboard’s lan card is realtek, use this lan card. It is the best choice for gaming!

R***h 03-11-2019

The build quality of the antenna could be better. But it does the job. The magnetic base is good enough t hold it in place on a steel surface. The Bluetooth cable and the antenna cables are adequately long. The product is well-packed. Underneath the aluminium heatsink, there's a thin thermal pad and the Intel AX200 mounted on the M.2 slot. Works flawlessly on the Gigabyte Z97-Gaming GT once you install the drivers. I am very happy with the purchase.

S***v 17-01-2020

The only drawback is that the disk from the kit was not read in the drive and had to download the drivers from the fenvi site to the laptop and then copy to the computer. The speed from replacement has increased many times. Comp on Ryzen 3500

O***d 01-01-2020

Very good product. Now I have proper wifi speeds. My power line was only giving me 15 download speeds and with this the wifi I am getting 40 download speeds. It has Bluetooth 5.0 so now I have Bluetooth setup for Xbox one controller and any other device. The heat sink is a nice touch also.

D***k 26-12-2019

Card arrived very quickly. For now, it is a very good product. I previously had an USB Edimax EW-7833UAC (AC1750) WLAN card. It had terrible drivers, constant disconnects. This card however is excellent. Installed it in my computer, connected the bluetooth and fired up the computer. My Win10 Pro recognized and installed it right away without my intervention. Connection is stable without disconnects. Getting max speed on my network which is currently 70 mbits/s. Would recommend the product and seller.

R***r 14-01-2020

Excellent delivery-10 days. The card works according to Intel technical data®Wi-Fi 6 ax200.

I***k 20-08-2019

It reached moscow in 14 days. Very fast! In pci-e 1 in my motherboard did not fit due to the cooling system of the motherboard chipset. Inserted in pci-e 4. everything worked (of course, the drivers downloaded in advance). Speed super (before that was usb whistle wifi 802.11g). The connection is stable (two phones, microwave and baby monitor do not interrupt).

G***o 10-01-2020

Thought would be better, but not bad. At times delay Sync phone Samsung. This improved well after I entered the Intel website to update the driver, since the driver that comes in CD or even directly installed Windows 10 was not more updated. Realized the driver when the issue even behaved better in Linux than in Windows. More easy to install, correctly and came in a good delivery time as was quickly posted by seller.

S***k 15-01-2020

M***s 02-12-2019

V***o 06-11-2019

Included drive with drivers. Written on the box that is compatible with Windows 10x64. Board standard: 802.11ax/ac/a/b/g/n. So WiFi 5 and WiFi 6 is supported. Strange, but there is no information on the box about Bluetooth 5.0. If I can not configure it, I will change the description and evaluation, because I took the fee because of Bluetooth for the most part.

B***v 14-12-2019

Prompt delivery of the adapter to St. Petersburg by 5post. Everything works fine with the old board from Asus on win 10x64, Wi-Fi 6 for the future took. Of the minuses I note the rough edges of metal dies, you can cut.