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Jeans for Women mom Jeans High Waist Jeans Woman High Elastic plus size Stretch Jeans female washed denim skinny pencil pants

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AliExpress Shopper 22-01-2020

Bought in November, on sale. If I did not extend the Assembly of the order, then FIG would be sent, for 2 weeks the Assembly of the order lasted from the same jeans. They drove another plus 2 months. The jeans themselves are normal in quality. Lightning is black, painted from paint. Slightly and themselves are painted from above. I realized that when a wet cloth washed "lunch" with them, a blue cloth decent. The fabric stretches, the seams seem smooth, but on the legs of the pants twist. Waist under the breast almost, for the winter would fit, but thin. About the size then write in the supplement.

R***r 20-01-2020

Jeans of good quality with a high fit, ordered XXXL, sat perfectly, stretch in moderation, threads sticking out, high girls will be fine, I'm small, have to sew. A little collected, I love in obtyag, you could order for a smaller size.

N***a 19-01-2020

Cool jeans. The sewing quality is excellent, the threads do not stick out, the seams are even. A little stretch, medium density, for spring and summer the most it! XXL at waist 88 and hips 106 length on height 178 closed the bone. Sat perfectly, tightly, as I love! No where presses me and does not pull! Thanks to the seller for the quality goods! Delivered in 8 days. I chose delivery from Russia. sdek brought the courier home.

T***a 16-01-2020

The parcel was almost 2 months old. Jeans are packed in normal package and Postal. On the parameters OB 100 and OT 74 took the size L, although the seller advised to take XL. It's good that I chose the size less after reading the reviews, the jeans fell in time. On the quality of claims there is no, medium density, the seams are all even, where there are threads sticking out, but this is not critical. The color is dark blue as the seller's photo. Jeans are excellent, by the summer I will order more light. Thank you seller!

H***h 09-09-2019

Delivery, well, just super fast. Just a week. Jeans (sky blue) stretch easily in different directions, the fabric is not thick, in warm weather. The size 3xl is great for me. On the stomach hang a bubble. Easily slipped into jeans, without untying, stuck both hands on the elbow. The length is normal. My parameters: height 164 cm, from 94 cm, about 112 cm. Judging by the reviews dark blue denser and stretch less. I will order another dark blue, but i'll take a smaller size. Jeans recommend, the most important thing to get in size.

e***a 06-09-2019

Excellent,!!!! Super fast delivery by courier sdek home! The jeans themselves are just super and the quality of the fabric and the quality of tailoring, full pockets like jeans should be, stretch perfectly sits on the figure and allows in cold weather to wear warm pantyhose, dimensional mesh is accurate, to me the size came up perfectly on my parameters from 90, about 106, if anyone likes in obtyag you can and smaller on the size to take. Very satisfied with the purchase, the seller is well done, i recommend you and i will buy from him more, all good

x***x 10-09-2019

I ordered three pairs of these, the second ones are the same darker, and blue. all ordered 3hl for height 158, weight 100 kg, waist 107, hip circumference 116 measured tailor centimeter correctly. duck here such only darker took the first place sat perfectly in all parameters and the length is also there is a place they stretch well you can still centimeter 5-7 with the volume of the hips to climb. The second place was taken by these jeans t. to them already in calves and from below, but stretched above easily and buttoned, after 10 minutes of wanting in them they took the form of mine and nowhere pressed even to shoot did not want and the color they still darker slightly than in the photo of the producer, and the dark with white correspond to the picture. well, third place They took jeans blue which are still not blue, but some light blue they are girls though and 3hl, but very narrow stretched ate ate and at the waist did not agree on centimeters just 5.but i think the application will find them once they stretch means you can pull them up until they tear)))). the length of all good bend and tighten Unnecessary. Two weeks from china.

A***a 24-09-2019

These are the best jeans i ordered. Many thanks to the seller. The color is very beautiful, not very light and not dark. Photo beauty color will not convey, unfortunately .. Fit in size and height. Slightly tighten in the stomach, very little and especially discomfort it does not bring. Quality at altitude. It's really jeans. For the price for which i ordered them here, definitely will not buy in the market (ordered for 400 with something) once again thanks to the seller, i advise you to buy, very cool jeans!! Parameters (ot65, ob 93) The order quickly came to the country, the post of russia for a long time pulled (came about a month and a few days)... But wait really worth it!

g***g 17-12-2019

Of course this is not jeans but just shy panties soft and strongly stretched on their 76 92 ordered m but came an unknown size as the tag was cut but I could fit the size and smaller on a larger size too suitable but the color is not black I can not say what color in my photo you can see of course I wanted it black to sew pritenzy no wore a week nowhere nothing stretched in general for this price norms (470 on sale) for 1000 would not buy the seller Thank you sent quickly

AliExpress Shopper 18-09-2019

K***e 26-11-2019

I ordered from Russia, but the seller wrote that it is possible at the time of order to send from China. I agreed. The parcel was a month, +/-5 days. Since I ordered from Russia, I paid money for the delivery, the seller promised me to return them when I receive the goods. Jeans got. The smell is factory, there is no thread anywhere, all the seams are even, everything is on top. The fabric stretches, thin, for the winter exactly no, for the summer itself that. I chose the size on the recommendation of the seller. I sent him my parameters, he prompted what size to take. The length is excellent, at the waist sat perfectly, but the hips with a margin, of course you can wear it, but a little loose in front on the folds where the leg bends. The style of course is a little NN mine, the pockets on the Pope are high, but in the photo of the model so T is. So the photo matches. Opened a dispute when received the goods, the seller for a long time did not answer the dispute on the return of money for delivery. I texted him. He did not answer for a while, eventually agreed with the sport and apologized in response

L***a 21-09-2019

The parcel went to the rostov region for 3 weeks. At the first inspection-i thought i would not fit, but i was mistaken. On height-165 cm, weight-65 kg, waist-78 cm, hip-165 cm-was in size. The fabric is summer, but not very thin. Coloring, drawing-excellent. Excellent stretch. The only thing that did not like is noticeable white spots in the upper area of the right leg. Took for 530 rubles. The seller is good, sociable. I think-order in a different color.

E***v 16-10-2019

Jeans ordered from China, and went from and to me 1.5 months, cost only a 470,31 R, which I'm glad, T. K. Jeans sat quite well. Initially asked to change the seller color, T. K. I read in many reviews that light jeans are significantly thinner and even more dark. The seller refused to change the color, saying that in the order such a color and send it, it embarrassed me, but when the jeans came, I'm glad that there was such a color. My parameters: height 163, weight 40, from 58, about 80, and what pleases, jeans are not big to me, except that they do not fit too tight. The fabric is good and can only be slightly thinner than ordinary jeans, I wear such not only in the summer, if it's cold you can always put on thermal pants or just tights. The waist stretches perfectly, like the pants themselves, but do not fall off, and look good (recently received such jeans), but when you sit on the groin area (let's say so :)) A high fold is formed (you need to walk more, more useful). Jeans is happy, especially for the price less than 500 R, now increased :(

R***r 23-11-2019

The order came in 10 days in Bashkiria. She took it from sdek herself. Packing is a normal transport bag, inside in polyethylene jeans. The color is dark blue, saturated, the lines are all even, except the lines of the sewn bottom of the pants, but there they will not be seen. The fabric is dense, denim stretch, there is a tag with composition and instructions for washing, but in Chinese. The button is protected by paper. Size approached, M at 170 height, 57 kg, hip Volume 94 cm, waist 73 cm. The length of the pants to the bones on the ankle, the landing is high, the waist tightly lightened. But! Slightly cramped, now I would like to be more free. "M" ordered consciously, because I usually weigh 54-55 kg, OB 91-92 cm, OT 68-71 cm. And I'll be back in a month. That's why I'm normal. But if your weight and volume as I have now, keep in mind-very tightly sit, seem dark. But I think they'll stretch. Therefore, proceed from your task. My was-to get a full tight-fitting without folds at a weight of 55 kg and about 91-92 cm.

M***a 02-09-2019

Jeans are cool! Delivery sdek by courier to the house for 4 days! It's super fast! Took for 467 rubles for the action. But i'm so sorry-i did not guess with the size. In the reviews write that stretches, they stretch but tight. And on my waist fat in 82 cm size m small fasten then i buttoned .. but breathe hard. Maybe carried? On the growth of 172 the length of the norms. The color is saturated dark blue. Now i will order and sell these. Who doubts take will not regret it!

T***a 18-09-2019

Here already for the fourth time i order such jeans (but different colors) from this seller and every time i am very pleased with the quality of the goods, and fast delivery, only a couple of weeks. excellent, quality jeans!!! At 98-77-98 i buy l, sit down as it should (as i like, tight, then stretch a little). Patterns are excellent, the quality of tailoring is beyond praise, the material is also of good quality, packed in a zip package. and the price is just a fairy tale, i bought these jeans for 467,30 rubles. blue, which i now bought, denser than black and blue (with rubs), suitable for autumn. i am very satisfied with the quality of the goods and the service of this store. otoic seller!!! I put 5 stars and wish success and prosperity in business!

E***a 25-09-2019

Delivery to moscow fast 2-3 weeks, not cotton, packing in a package pts. Neat, there is no smell, the seller sends immediately, the color matches well tight, inside the black material type spandex. For autumn-spring, landing at the waist, pleasant and comfortable. 3hl by 116 cm hips and 82 cm waist sat like poured

M***  29-09-2019

The parcel went within a month. What cool jeans, the color is just like expected. As soon as i saw them, i thought i would not fit, but pulled. At first they were covered, already thought that it was necessary to take on a larger size, but having visited them a day, not so tight, stretched out. But still, if anyone does not want to wrap, to tighten, it is better to take more size. But in the waist sat awesome, you can wear without a belt. On the parameters of ot-73, ob-100 took l. in the sock we'll see how it will be.

l***a 19-11-2019

I am very pleased with both jeans and the seller. I did not expect that they will come by courier and so quickly!!! I was approached perfectly. My height is 158 cm, the volume of the hips is 118 cm, the waist is slightly too big-see 4, but on my not standard figure-very good! The length is normal for me, but you can shorten it-who loves it as much. Stretch perfectly, it was possible for a size or two to take less, but I do not like tight. EMCo

E***p 29-09-2019

The order was received in a month in the vlgr. Obl, went from china, the tracking was completely. the seller thank you very much, helped with the size, she was afraid that they would not fit. Jeans sat perfectly in size, only a little short. The quality is excellent, there is no thread, stretch very well... Thank you very much to the seller, i recommend!!!