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ORICO Portable USB External Sound Card Microphone Earphone Two-in-One With 3-Port Output Volume Adjustable For Windows/Mac/Linux

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a***c 03-09-2019

I'm not afraid of that word, my savior. And the thing is, after two months on the new mat board became terribly fondue, the built-in all digital crap and noise, went to the input of the amplifier, it's just a nightmare, nothing to muffle it, you can just wisely touch, That i just did not try and the pc with the amplifier ground, and guess the familiar electrician made me a ground circuit, did not help like thousands of tips from the internet, and although it plays 16 bit sound, i'm surprised I liked it, there is a bass and then there are capacitors on the output, to talk about quality, i do not take zlatouhiy, but it surpassed my expectations, if you have similar problems, take it will not regret it.

C***O 28-08-2019

He had good previous experience of the oriico brand. Helmets are of similar quality to that of known trademarks. The sound card is automatically detected by the computer. Only downside the sound wheel you don't have a mark that in sight lets you know if the volume is high or low, you must paint it on the wheel. Shipping and receiving in two weeks, gift bag with foam headphone replacement

R***n 11-09-2019

The item was well packed, no damaged box, it was two paper and instruction, + vip card, sound quality is normal, (did not expect something super cool), works stably, the volume twist from zero to the middle smoothly turns, and then it becomes hard to twist, twist with one hand is not convenient, It would be good if the cable was at least 50 cm. Well, in general, 4 points. Thank You

M***h 25-12-2019

I bought on sale 11.11, delivery to Belarus, Gomel 40 days. This is the fastest delivery from all orders made by 11.11. Everything came intact, slightly asking for a corner of the package. The work checked everything suits, only the volume control wheel at some point turns with a certain friction.

K***v 11-12-2019

[+] Small (expected more size), but this is not a problem. Made qualitatively (as always with Orico). Delivery at medium speed. The sound is good (appreciated by ear). [-] of the minuses (to clean up as always turned out): a very small volume wheel, quite tight. Twist it as a jokdyl will not work (some kind of grief engineer came up with making a slice, not cross-cutting). Men's brushes will not twist it. Only scrape for the edges of the nails.

B***n 18-01-2020

Very cool sound card! The bm800 microphone as a professional began to work, cheap headphones improve, the buttons work, the sound gain-check, everything was delivered in a flat box, there is nothing to do with it) top goods!

K***y 26-09-2019

In short, as always, a complete sadness in the fact of the expected and received. A beautiful black box called "orico" has little to change in the sound of headphones. Two connectors, this is cool, only in one of them to deliver sound to both channels need to dance with a tambourine (plug move). Well, in general, i did not notice the special difference between this and nonaim card on cm108. Price difference

K***y 31-08-2019

The goods came incredibly quickly to the bryansk region when delivered from russia. Delivered by iml. The warehouse itself is in moscow, you can roughly calculate it yourself when the parcel arrives to you. The packaging is noticeably wrinkled, but not killed, the product will not suffer even from the post of the russian federation. After the tests, i will add a review, but according to reviews and tests, the sound card is suitable not only for the microphone, but also for headphones with a resistance of 60 ohms or higher!

S***l 09-10-2019

The package arrived after 19 days of delivery time. Since there's no documentation of the technical specifications, i will post some data: Sound out: Stereo 16 bit at 44.1 Khz or 48 khz available Microphone in: Mono 16 bit at 44,1 Khz or 48 Khz available. The main purpose to buy this device was to use it as a microphone USB device in order to connect my microphones to my iMac running macOS Mojave. Sadly, the buzzing noise delivered when a microphone is plugged in, makes it unusable for my purpose. The headphone output allthough works and sounds great.

E***v 18-09-2019

The product is excellent, the seller too, but the delivery must be changed, disgusting delivery, the package is all in dirt and oil (motor), the packaging of the goods is torn and naturally dirty... In general, the product is excellent, it works as in normal mode!

D***v 04-09-2019

I was very pleased with the parcel, with the help of this uncomplicated thing came to life like my ears after the usual backgrounds and constant checking of the cable, and some headphones that i thought for a long time have died. The microphone has not yet arrived, how will i add this review.

F***d 18-01-2020

product didn't work. windows device manager wouldn't even detect the usb sound card. sent pics to seller. seller wanted more proof, and video. was a headache doing that. but in the end seller agreed for full refund

A***n 02-12-2019

Sound working, does what should. Level as on modern built-in or even a little better. The tip is not audible, it sounds clean. It is executed quite qualitatively: The cable is thick and copper, the body is neat, dense. The volume control, for me, is a little uncomfortable. At maximum volume, the sound is clean, the frequency distortions do not notice, although the sound is quite quiet (quieter than it could be) and low frequencies do not compare with expensive audio cards (10 and more times more expensive). For their money is very good. Came quickly even free shipping. Thank you seller!

A***k 07-08-2019

The sound quality is good but the volume reserve is back to back. Under simple computer headphones will not work, you need to solder under 4 pin jack

Y***v 23-10-2019

The courier brought home on the 23rd of the number in Chelyabinsk, the box was a little dusty otherwise perfectly saves if you for example a defective mother whose audio card does not work (as in Me), the sound is good (liked the bass enhancement function, for my cheap philises which this main minus came perfectly) the wires sit tight in the same R6 siege play nice

S***a 02-11-2019

nice...but the volume reduce when both the head phone jack are used.... specially on the one which is for the headphone.... overall happy with the product ..thanks

C***D 16-12-2019

Delivered quickly in 6 days to St. Petersburg, the box is whole, as I try to supplement the feedback.

S***s 21-12-2019

Not the best for listening music. but perfect for voice

P***v 28-11-2019

The card was ordered 11.11 with delivery from Russia, but she drove away like from China-more than two weeks. Brought in hand straight to work) the sound shoots perfectly. Definitely worth taking.

A***a 10-10-2019

Good, loud, very clean (compared to the enthusiastic realteck) sound. But the volume control wheel works badly (the mark leaves for the sign +) and the most unpleasant, supports the microphone with a rare jack, which i learned after the purchase.