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USED,Sapphire RX570 4G Platinum Edition graphic card 7000MHz GDDR5 256bits HDMI+DVI+DP*3 PCI-X16

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J***l 17-11-2019

Product quality! THE board came reset working 100% without any serious only need change the thermal paste and ready… To clean my came KK Arrived in about 25 days and N was branded

D***r 05-11-2019

It's cool! Disassembled, almost no dust. Gaskets are normal, thermal paste dried. Everything works. RX 579

AliExpress Shopper 08-11-2019

Shipment came pretty fast in two weeks look neat belt well paste I would not change furmarke I kept 15min temperature holds about 80c max had risen to 82c on games I did not try. I recommend the seller.

T***c 27-10-2019

Thanks to the seller for the good packaging. The goods came without mechanical damage, nevertheless cleaning from dust will not be superfluous. Russian Post as always in its glory, the parcel is crumpled.

L***r 04-11-2019

Packed well, change immediately thermal paste, memory does not chase.

n***g 29-10-2019

Together with the card, order immediately thermo-gaskets, for factory melted, paste dry. Dust of course had to brush off. Rested not bad, but the foam box was slightly wrinkled, the card is well packed in the protection of "bubbles". Through the HDMI image did not output, the benefit of the display port saved. Firewood last came out in October, so I advise you to take, for. Such a price, stress has not yet done, but GPU-Z shows it as an integrated adapter.

S***k 17-10-2019

In general, from the moment of the order to the receipt it was 30 days Kazakhstan, shchuchinsk. it was packed in a foam case, and in nutrey a lot of pupyrki. It looks almost new if not for dust on fans and then if you look closely. In furmarck the temperature is 85 degrees. After the autopsy, I found that the video card was not opened, thermal paste as a stone, after replacing the temperature of 72 degrees maximum. After my RX 550 for 2 GB this is just space! Games fly, just super!!! The seller answered the questions. In general, I recommend this video card to buy. The seller is handsome.

I***o 30-08-2019

Arrived intact visually looks new board without any smell that was already made some repair OK keeping 48 to 52 degree playing PUBG, just upset never answered and took almost 90 days to arrive and could not track

E***a 18-10-2019

The card is in perfect condition, which if you need is change for urgent thermal. Before you make it prove it has no drawbacks since it has stickers on all the screws and if they ask you to dispute Video I imagine they won't give you the reason once the screws are removed.

D***v 09-07-2019

Excellent video card, original. First the seller sent for a very long time, apparently checked and packed-sent for 7 days after the order. There was a card 20 days to novosibirsk, it was tracked completely. Came well packed: 10 meters of pupyrki, in a box of foam. On the card itself i can highlight two things: working and dusty. Without damage, scratches, chips, etc., a little in dust and with not very good thermal paste, like kpt 8. Checked, immediately from the parcel, in a hairy bagel (msi kombustor). At maximum loading-heating up to 74 degrees (in open stand conditions). During the service i found that the native seal was torn, but a bunch of chinese was poured. After a full analysis and inspection, no progarov, chips did not see. By the way, who does not have 8pin on the power supply-it's not a problem, it will suit 6pin, i work properly and with such power. Also the seller put the adapter from the sata to 8 pin, but do not recommend to use, better directly through the power supply if it allows.

A***i 14-10-2019

Like this seller video board came well wrapped and protected within the Styrofoam box, this gives more safety goods. Styrofoam box came a little crumpled by shipping, the most important and that the goods is intact and is working very well, just not know if changed the thermal paste board? THE temperature is great.

AliExpress Shopper 21-06-2019

Full conformity of the goods to the description. Sending was a few days. The total time from the order to the compartment is 20 days (tomsk). The card came very well packed! The three rows are wrapped in pimples, packed in a box-foam and wrapped with tape. Attached power cable from sata. The card immediately earned, the fans do not make noise. But seconds after 10 in furmark, the image faded, the fans roared at 100%. Removed the radiator-thermal paste dry. Replaced, assembled, turned on-in a simple 39 degrees, on the test the temperature rose 70 degrees (in the room + 28, in the case of 4 fans), but stably worked. In games everything is fine, after hd 6770, the increase in frames is more than 4 times.

E***n 21-10-2019

Everything is fine, packed Mega Super with a lot of pimples, you can even jump on the box))) seller thanks for the promptness, the parcel came for 2 weeks smoothly)

M***t 17-11-2019

The card came much earlier than the scheduled dates, all in Chinese seals, it had very little scratches and signs of used goods, all tests went fine, the seller handsome)

A***v 16-11-2019

In general, I ordered 2 video cards separately, both the first and the second were opened at the customs, even before my parcels were not opened at all, for the first customs fee was 0 T. to it was strongly Rusty and Dusty, but the second was as new only dusty inside and already on it the collection was 63 rubles, So that rusty works perfectly replaced only the paste and thermal pads and the one that turned off as new after 5 min of work, and not from the heating of the temperature were in order in general carried to the service had to do something to solder well and to repair in the dispute returned 60 $, Now both cards work only at the one that was in repair squeaked throttle but this is not critical, so in Belarus I would not advise to order

D***v 02-11-2019

Send and delivery instantly! Packed 5 +. But the rest... Furmark test did not pass. Comp is gone. All write that the warranty and a lot of seals are pasted, cleaned, smeared and glued Thermo gaskets at the end of the warranty ..... Are you people? At least the comresor sold the seller or the potatoes can be made. .. Fans and a map in terrible condition, immediately in the bathroom, in the basin with Fae wash from anthrax, revived the poor man, earned as sweet!!!!!! Good luck to all and the seller too

A***n 06-11-2019

Exellent seller recommend 100%

A***y 11-10-2019

Came quickly, in a simple can not be heard, go should give heat and sound like a turbine) i advise, my money is worth

I***o 28-06-2019

The order was sent not immediately, but quickly enough, came quickly, in 12 days. Packed quite reliably, included an adapter from the sata power wire to 8-pin. The video card itself was in very good condition, were noticeable rubbing, but in general, even dust was minimal, there was no need to disassemble and clean the card manually, as it sometimes happens. In general, for a used video card the view is quite acceptable. After checking "in battle" no problems were revealed, the maximum temperature in the load reached 72 degrees, which is quite tolerable for the stock thermal paste, which, apparently, it is not even necessary to change in the near future, although later it is necessary to do it. In general, i am happy with the purchase, because this card paid in fluff and dust my previous, 1050 ti, which also cost twice as much.

I***v 30-06-2019

Everything is good with the video card, it works, the texts did not start and did not have time to play. In the kit there was an adapter for power supply, but i was not useful, i already had 8pin from the bp. The video card came almost without dust, well packed, even the plugs were on the dp connectors.