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GSM Smart Power Outlet Plug Socket Cellphone English Russian SMS Remote Control Timing Switch Temperature Controller with Sensor

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A***v 31-10-2019

It came to the Rostov region for 15 days. The socket fully corresponds to the declared characteristics. Adequately reacts to the temperature. Protested all modes and functions. I recommend the seller and the goods. Waytronic is a large company. 5 stars. P. with zeolerno instruction in more detail and more size

V***o 11-11-2019

Delivery to Omsk 20 days, the product fully corresponds to the description, connected Tele 2, tariff internet for things, all funcirculates perfectly, alerts come instantly, everything is controlled easily, everything is in the Russian language. The goods and the seller advise 5 +++!

R***r 13-11-2019

Shipping 18 days! The order was made from a warehouse in the Russian Federation. Judging by the track number he arrived in Moscow on October 29, 2019 and the delivery service decided to deliver it or not for two weeks)) and suddenly the client himself will come and take... Three days before the end of the defense had to open a dispute and the miracle operator cdek called and set the delivery time. The socket is packed in two cardboard boxes, no external damage is detected. It is not yet possible to verify the performance. Sign off as I check. Included instruction in the Russian language. This is an undoubted plus! The seller did not communicate. I recommend him to change the form of work with the delivery company. In addition to the artificially prolonged delivery time of claims to the seller I have not. Thank you!

a***b 02-10-2019

Came to st. petersburg for a week! Delivered sdek Instruction manual for Russian

R***r 31-10-2019

Excellent packaging, very fast shipment. I recommend the seller.

V***v 22-08-2019

Delivery-3 weeks to moscow. Functions perform without failures. Switching time is about 30 seconds after sending sms. Seller recommend.

E***a 04-11-2019

The outlet delivered the courier quickly enough to Peter. The socket works. It's okay. How to manage it found on the Internet video. There everything is told in detail. Seller recommend. Grade 5 + + + + + +.

AliExpress Shopper 31-10-2019

Item came quickly tracking to item Destination packed-standard packing plus carton box, for this product is not critical. The instruction is fully configured on the Russian without problems still a bunch of functions have not yet figured out while doing a trial on-off

A***h 20-08-2019

Small (compare with megafon senseit gs1). In principle, the same, even the teams are the same. But gs1 is assembled better-the relay is more powerful and installation, there is some kind of bzdyulina, not a relay, so do not expect that through it you will directly control the heat gun-you need to put a separate contactor. As a backup power source, the same ionistor is used, which allows sending sms about the loss of 220 v. In my time in gs1 i added another, because. With a bad reception to send sms requires more than 30 seconds for which it is calculated. I recommend, the alternative to control sms is not enough, gs1 is no longer produced, you can of course buy here the rtu5024 controller and the same with them, but the same shit, believe me. Of the minuses yet-after the shutdown of the 220 v network squeaks quietly, and the bitch is fucked as long as it is, although the ionistor like only 1,5 f. Finished sdecom for 6 (six) days. Dust: read the instructions from sapsan10 pro. There are nuances, the type of reset of the current time and the thermostat settings after the loss of 220 v.

V***v 05-10-2019

To moscow 1,5 weeks with a choice of delivery from russia. Brought courier sdek. Installed for remote control of the boiler in the country, simka megafon. The socket works, sms come to the Russian. I put in the photo a list of commands from the instructions.

E***V 02-11-2019

Delivery 11 days to the door! The device met all expectations. In the Box booklet with a very clear instruction. Set everything from the first time. Checked on the kettle 2 kW, the socket even on 1C did not heat. According to the passport 2.2kW and up to-20C. I recommend, who needs remote power control 220 V. There are jambs on the case, I think the work will not affect much.

I***h 22-10-2019

Rosette got it. Brought quickly. I did not check in the work.

D***v 04-10-2019

Delivery in 10 days to st. petersburg. Works fine!

I***n 22-08-2019

The seller is well done! Thanks to him. The goods can be seen that quality.!

R***v 30-07-2019

Before the apartment in kazan delivered in 10 days! This speed was not from anyone, even from moscow. Packed securely. Performance did not check. Seller recommend

S***n 04-07-2019

I bought for $26. I ordered with sending from russia, but the seller with an apology asked to send from china-i agreed and do not regret it. Delivered by courier for 16 days (first 007ex, then transferred a1express) to the apartment (during the day, gave to the family). Factory box whole, looks good, inside a4 leaf with instruction on the Russian, everything is brief, but clear, could add default settings. On setting up and working-i liked everything, sms about the loss and appearance of the input voltage come. T. e. when the input voltage is lost for a while, the light glows. diode (the instructions written up to 2 hours keeps the settings, then drops the default, but i understand the number of the control phone still remembers always, until you change it with the command, and maybe also a reset button). Timers, schedule and temperature did not check, but the people write that it all works. Therefore i express my gratitude to the seller for prompt shipment and recommend this product to buy.

I***n 29-07-2019

Took for remote control of the presence of voltage in the network. The socket copes with its task, although the built-in power supply holds only a couple of minutes, but this time is enough to send sms about the power outage.

N***o 14-11-2019

Received and on the first day tried-works. Especially pleased with the ability to control through the call. Do not need to spend SMS, TK send them would have to quite often. What did not please, is the lack of the ability to request the balance of the SIM card. But it's not critical. It will work in the garage, for heating the car. If there are any changes in the work, I will add a review.

AliExpress Shopper 12-10-2019

Got quickly to the apartment cdekom, all whole and safe until checked.

S***o 08-08-2019

To peter 5 days! Checked, everything works!!! In order not to bother with memorizing codes, bought for 100 wooden application (not advertising, stupidly convenient). Sms come to the Russian. Connected beeline without a subscription fee, platish 5 r. For 100 sms per day, chic. So i recommend!!!