Wireless Apple CarPlay Dongle for Android Navigation Player

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P***  12-09-2019

Everything works, everything is super! I recommend. Later i will add a review.

AliExpress Shopper 14-09-2019

Very good product and very good packaging. Quick delivery.

AliExpress Shopper 06-09-2019

It works great with Sync 2. Arrived just 1week after order.

S***s 23-09-2019

spotify doesn't work on android auto but everything else seems to work fine

M***n 16-10-2019

Early delivery

AliExpress Shopper 29-10-2019

Good product. Working as expected. Very slow delivery - 1 month

S***o 14-11-2019

Can take a few times to connect, but works well. Also would be good if it could detect when head unit is turned off. If playing podcast, it will play for 30 seconds after car is turned off before it pauses.

D***y 11-10-2019

Connects well but when playing music and map at the same time. Music doesn’t play properly.

A***m 17-07-2019

Wireless Carplay Dongle for iPhone. It arrives fast and works correctly.

P***m 19-09-2019

I am so happy and satisfied with this! I had Carlinke's previous CarPlay adapter with cable. This one works just as well but wirelessly. I can keep my phone in my pocket and once my Android headhunt has booted fully it automatically starts the Autokit-app and starts the wireless CarPlay connection without me doing anything at all! It works way beyond my expectations and as a bonus it still keeps the USB-port so I can use it wired and charge my phone at 5V/2A, up from 5V/0,8A on my old one.

M***i 18-09-2019

Excellent product, works great with iphone 7 plus and bmw android navigation system.

A***e 31-07-2019

Great Item, updates regularly, Wireless CarPlay is great. Works with iOS13's new style CarPlay. There were audio problems with the new iOS beta but they have released updates and its fixed now.

J***m 11-10-2019

The device was not compatible with my benz e300 because it doesnt have android navigation player. It is partially my fault to purchase this item without checking it correctly but the seller was so helpful and kind to refund the full amount. Thank you Ms. Zhang!

D***y 02-08-2019

Have not used yet. Waiting for the radio from a different seller, but the item came very quickly.

V***y 29-09-2019

Very nice!!!

p***p 12-09-2019

Works perfectly, excellent product.

A***r 14-09-2019

I had chosen the white color they sent me the black color. Otherwise I received it yesterday. For a 1ère short trip use the product works well. No break stable connection with navigation software + music at the same time.

M***n 13-10-2019

This product dosen t work on vw jetta 2006 :(

AliExpress Shopper 02-10-2019

Fast delivery. Goods consistent with the description.

M***n 18-11-2019

I have paid 59$ for wireless connection while the regular one is less than half of this product cost. The item has no bluetooth or even wifi connection, the are selling lies, ali express is supporting cheating in this case, appreciate to refund my money back or replace it with one that match the specs you sell.