אלי אקספרס - XCY Intel Core i5 7200U i3 7100U i7 4500U Fanless Mini PC Windows 10 4K HTP...

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XCY Intel Core i5 7200U i3 7100U i7 4500U Fanless Mini PC Windows 10 4K HTPC Thin Client Desktop Computer NUC HDMI VGA WiFi 6USB

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A***n 31-07-2019

From the moment of sending the parcel from singapore to the moment of delivery in the post to st. petersburg it was 11 days! The parcel was tracked. Packed well. The outer box is slightly wrinkled, but inside-another box of hard cardboard-in perfect condition. The case is without damage, the kit is as in the description on the site. Ordered package: intel core i5-7200U, 2,50-3,10 ghz, 8 gb, ssd 240 gb. In fact, 2,50-2,7 ghz, the disk is not 240 gb, but 80 gb + 72 gb + 71.5 gb, i.e. In total there are no promised 240 gb. Under the system-15 gb, installed windows10pro. Comp out of the box is ready for work. Wi-fi befriended perfectly, the connection is stable. The computer works smartly, but so far under load (work with graphics) did not check. Absolutely noiseless work, ears rest from the continuous hum of the old sistemnik. It is heated weakly, but again without a special load, because. Checked only surfing the internet. Weighs comp 808gr. Dimensions-a little more than a smartphone. While i'm happy, except for inaccuracies with the indication of the capacity of ssd-this is a fiasco, bro! Seller recommend.

A***n 26-09-2019

The computer fully corresponds to the declared characteristics. Delivery 16 days to nizhny novgorod. In the way the parcel is patted, but the packaging is excellent, the damage is excluded, thanks to the seller!

P***v 10-12-2019

4 K video pulls perfectly, while it warms, the strap tolerates), an excellent replacement for the strict 4 nuclear computer! I took a 10% discount through this cashback https://letyshops . Com/SOC/SH-1/? r = 1502608 space should be removed)

A***v 02-12-2019

When received at the Post Office did not notice the dent on the box-it turned out to be on my parcel something really heavy. The removable lid was very deformed, had to be straightened with a hammer, after that she got in place. Under the lid everything is whole. Everything works. I ordered without Wi-Fi, Ram, SSD.

S***C 16-11-2019

The computer fully corresponds to the declared characteristics. Delivery is fast. Packed well, double box and foam gaskets. When crawling in the Internet, the temperature is about 48 gr. Maximum rises to 53 gr.

S***v 10-12-2019

Delivery Ural 3 weeks after sale-very acceptable. What I ordered, I got it. I test 5 days, under which tasks I took, everything works. Aida64 all norm. Satisfied.

b***b 25-10-2019

It came quickly, a box of mint, but everything is whole. Comp bright, no surprises. I recommend both seller and product.

s***a 03-12-2019

The goods came in 20 days. Not yet tested.

A***n 13-12-2019

Warm. For such money-excellent!

S***v 09-08-2019

In the picture, the body is black, in reality, frayed aluminum. Made well and firmly, hard: four points. As in the union did. Disassembled, changed the thermal pads on the paste (and i advise you), stuck your disk, memory, communication module. Installed win10. works, does not heat especially. The package is whole, in russia was long, with anti-missile maneuvers. Bought for paper work and as a customer for the database. It seems to pull. Thank you.

O***i 30-09-2019

Excellent seller, the price changed (for customs), sending fast, communication goes out instantly. Everyone is happy. 5 stars.

S***v 28-12-2019

Good Machine! Great seller. Ah 5 cabillage, as ordered. Kingston memory. Instead of black, though metallic, but will go. Drove for a long time, to Mykolaiv more than a month. Special thanks to the seller for the "right" inscriptions on the box for people greedy to our money)) from sin, immediately stuffed on him a cooler.

G***v 13-01-2020

Heated need to consider additional cooling

V***J 15-12-2019

The seller quickly sent the goods. Judging by the track, he had to send goods twice, but in the end the goods got to Kiev for a month and a couple of days. Agreed to install on the OS device of my choice (so that I did not look for the driver). And without my request significantly reduced the declared value of the parcel, so I did not have to pay the fee. The kit also includes a plate for attaching VESA and shoelaces to connect the internal SATA disk. Hung on the reverse side of the old Samsung 720n. Also there is an HDMI connector, if I think to connect to a modern monitor (or to TV). The device immediately connected, works quickly and noiselessly. Very satisfied with the purchase and recommend the seller! Bought for a daughter-student, after she poured tea on her laptop. Now except that the keyboard can kill.

L***o 15-09-2019

Everything is received, perfectly packed, works, took for work, warms weakly, i recommend. There is no such buy more. Ali rulit.

AliExpress Shopper 26-12-2019

Order shipped December 10, December 25 delivered. Got that, What I ordered. At my request, the seller installed Win 7 instead Dozens. The seller is conscientious.

E***v 02-01-2020

Nettop smart! Everything came as ordered. Installed and activated windows10. Reinstalled on windows7. Loaded quickly. Keep in mind, to install Windows7, there should be support for USB3.0 + UEFI drivers. About the temperature: it is heated decently. The replacement of thermal paste did not bring much result. Ordered 2 thin USB fans, just put on the body, the temperature has significantly decreased. Consider immediately the purchase of cooling. The seller fulfilled all wishes, for which he thanks! I advise!

R***v 27-12-2019

Quite a good computer. The only negative-I wanted a black color. Silver arrived. I don't care. It's warm enough. Closest to the summer, I'll probably put a cooler in it.

V***M 08-01-2020

Shipping from 11.11 almost 8 weeks. When the i5 7200u processor is loaded at 60% (3.1 GHz), the White case heats up to 45 degrees, with normal loading (less than 10%)-about 38 degrees. Viewing 4K video from YouTube loads the processor by a couple of percent. Windows 10 starts when you turn on in 7 seconds.

O***a 31-12-2019

Zamovlyav two. The two boxes were rearranged at the hour, but the customs department did not strike, they gave us $65 in leather. All will be reviewed, Zbirka yakisna. I'm a spell. City through ukrposta. i34010y + 4G RAM 120 SSD at 12.11.19 kostuvav 142.56 bucks.