אלי אקספרס - Yeston Radeon RX 580 GPU 8GB GDDR5 256bit Gaming Desktop computer PC Video ...

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Yeston Radeon RX 580 GPU 8GB GDDR5 256bit Gaming Desktop computer PC Video Graphics Cards support DVI-D/HDMI/DP PCI-E X16 3.0

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E***v 09-12-2019

Video card received and installed. The test was excellent. Thanks to the seller for the good work. I recommend this store for shopping. Delivery for almost a month ordered 11.11. 19. Received 09.12.19. You could, and faster.

A***o 27-10-2019

The parcel came. Until I checked, there are no all components to check. I'm waiting for you to come. Then I will.

A***s 26-11-2019

Came graphics card is nearly in this period but nothing to worry about a stress test does not heat up more than 65 degree at all I happy the most awesome graphics card value for money in my city is a similar but from other brand cost 11900 thanks for the fast shipping 14 days I Happy Thanks))))

I***. 31-08-2019

Delivery by fast courier in hand. 29.08 ordered-31.08 received by iml. In appearance all the whole, it remains to collect the computer and check in the action of this vidyushka. Vidyushka itself is weighty, pleases the presence of backplate (rear protective board). Cost me in 10650, taking into account cashek. Took on sale from 26-31.08 on ali.

A***o 04-11-2019

Very fast shipping! Everything is fine, the driver is original from the site. Works as it should, quietly work with graphics at maximum settings. Thank you?

I***v 17-11-2019

The video card was delivered very quickly. Everything was decently packed and no defects found. The computer was pleased to feel the new graphics card after the old gforse 960. From the minuses I will highlight DVI ports. My adapter wire is not inserted into the port, although there was no such problem in the old card. Screenshot application.

S***h 15-12-2019

After installation. all the settings in the toy rose to a maximum. The temperature above 65 degrees did not rise

S***a 03-08-2019

Delivery fast, 13 days to ukraine. Sending instant. Perfectly packed, everything came whole, in perfect condition. Seller recommend. The product is new. You need to be careful, since it is rx 580 for the chinese market, it is essentially rx 570 with a slight overrun, for this rx 580 2304 sp, and for this 2048 sp, which corresponds to the number of sp in rx 570. (This is a marketing move aimed at chinese consumers) The difference between rx 570 and rx 580, 5-10 fps in games, which is insignificant, and if it is dispersed, you can make fps at the rx 580 level. The box had an 8pin adapter and an installation instruction. There is no disk with drivers inside, and why it is needed in 2019. Suitable drivers from rx 580 downloaded from amd official website. It's really 8 gb. Still need to be ready that she needs 450w power supply. The quality of the video card is excellent (details, hunting and the like) pulls all modern games on high-ultra settings.

A***n 23-11-2019

The fastest delivery for my history of orders for AliExpress, 10 days to Stavropol! The box is not crumpled! Video card new 100℅. Work ability has not yet checked, well, I think everything will be fine)))

P***v 06-08-2019

Delivery to sakhalin is relatively fast. Viduhu received in the mail. Packing factory with control seals, the box is a little mint in the shipping process, but the card itself is not damaged. The kit includes a cable for 8pin. The card is new, fully corresponds to the description of the seller. Cooling unit with metal body, which inspires confidence, heavy, assembly quality. Installed in the computer to replace the card with 1 gb, the driver from the amd site stood norms. Took for tanks to watch the game in a new way. In short, put on the recommended and all the settings of the graph installed on ultra. From the changes stunned, looks beautiful, the game flies to ultra and can not be heard that the card is strained)))). Shorter card fire for such money. The seller is responsible, quality goods. Recommend!!!!!

M***n 31-07-2019

Packing in good condition, without any kind of observation.. Happy for the order placed.

A***n 06-12-2019

Delivered intact and safe for a week, a separate respect for the delivery service IML always all without problems at the highest level!)

M***r 25-10-2019

Delivered by courier home. packed in pupyrku. working capacity did not check.

A***k 26-12-2019

Of all components, the video card ordered the latest, and it came the very first! The work has not yet checked, I'm waiting for other iron (here the whole list: "danfa. net/forum/thread/2775/"). Packed not very, but all whole and even the box is not crumpled. I will wait for the rest of the iron, I will collect, check, I will add a review (if I do not forget). Unpacked his package with a video card: "danfa. Net/video/1118/"(the video quality is terrible, filmed on an old phone). I advise everyone to shoot their unpacking, in unpleasant cases, the video will be a good assistant.

f***o 02-01-2020

Excellent video. Had a RX 370 and was a huge difference with this. I am very satisfied

A***r 07-09-2019

It came in 4 days, moscow. From the official site, there are no drivers. Searched through yandex by the card number .. Tanks go to cdmaximum

G***a 07-08-2019

Volgograd reached in 10 days. Everything works. I can not fully appreciate what i put in the old computer, in tanks fps 90-110.

z***z 19-11-2019

It came in 8 days. Until I checked. Visually everything is fine.

A***v 02-01-2020

The video card is satisfied, received 25 days before Tashkent on hands, all the latest games on the ultra pulls on average 50 fps, which like coolers are turned off when the video card idle, which significantly reduces the dust collector. In general, paired with Xeon 1650 V2 plows on Hurray! If in the process there are problems, then I will definitely add a tip!

AliExpress Shopper 10-01-2020

The seller sent the order quickly. The parcel came a little wrinkled, but the video card itself did not seem to be hurt. On performance did not check because I'm waiting for a motherboard with a processor. On working capacity I will write off later if I do not forget.